Recycle upcycle leathercraft

Handmade leather rolling tobacco pouch and wallets

Recycling leather

wallet "coroico" - zipper elastic lastiqueoriginal fabric Folded : 12 cm * 22 cm

design leather wallet

Recycling to create

Recycling, an ecological approach. CREATIONACC is a french brand, inspired by second hand leather clothes, skirts, pants, Its products are unique. Upcycling is not only a way to produce at low price but an incredible inspiration for us for stylish products. CREATIONACC is all of that. Product first ! Make leather precious again. Products are considered as substainable consumption. I recycle jacket, pants or trousers into unique wallets. Do not put out your oldused jacket in the garbage ! . Consider you could not dispose of it in the bin, could not live without carrying with it. Let us do and resurrecting it in a unique wallet.
I recycle
Leather is choosed according to its flexibility. Quality first. We believe new skins will never give such impression. We are all aware that leather is getting more and more soft, living, It's all the more unique that quantity of each cloth is limited, 2 3 wallets max.